Showing dogs with class


Le Domaine du Président

If you are looking for a loving family pet, please think of rescuing a dog - there are so many dogs abandoned in refuges  through no fault of their own - every dog deserves a loving family.

WHY we need to RESCUE

My dogs are my family and my passion. They are pets first and then show dogs. For almost 22 years now, we have lived in this beautiful corner of South West France, where the sun shines every day and we are spoilt for choice between the rustic Atlantic coast and the rolling hills of sunflowers and Cognac vines.

At home here and indeed all over Europe, as well as on many other continents and in many countries of the world, our dogs have been the proud representatives of

"Le Domaine du Président"" kennel.

I breed extremely rarely, and when I do decide to breed a litter,  I breed for the FCI breed standard with healthy happy dogs. Breeding dogs is NEVER to be considered as a way to earn money. Breeders who breed to generate income are not passionate about their breed, but are passionate about money. I work as an estate agent to support my dogs. 

We have been extremely lucky along this wonderful journey to have made some very special friends and to have had some extremely generous mentors. I thank them all, but mostly I thank my dogs for enriching my life so much, and I thank God for blessing me with them.